PPN Constitution

1. The name of the Organisation shall be 'Property People's Network'.

2. The address of the Organisation shall be:

Property People’s Network

2 Blenheim Close



DA13 0PQ

or such other addresses as the Committee shall from time to time determine.

3. The objects of the Organisation shall be to encourage the professional education of its members and to extend professional and social contacts in the real estate and construction industry within the United Kingdom and Overseas.

4. Membership of the Organisation is open to individuals or corporate membership, who are concerned with real estate and construction. Election to membership shall be by the authority of the Committee, whose decision shall be final. The Committee shall also have the right to expel from the Organisation any members whose words or actions are deemed by the Committee to be inconsistent with membership of the Organisation. Membership is automatically withdrawn on failure to pay the subscription within the time limits prescribed from time to time by the Committee.

5. Chairman

The Chairman shall hold office for a term not exceeding 2 years, or as extended by a majority vote at an AGM.

6. The Committee

​The affairs of the Organisation shall be managed by the Committee.

The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer and up to six other members of the Organisation. The members of the Committee shall hold office for a term not exceeding two years and shall be eligible for re-appointment on expiry of that term.

The Committee shall meet not less than once each year and on such other occasions as the Chairman may deem necessary.

7. Subscription

The annual subscription for members shall be fixed by the Committee from time to time and shall be payable by cash, cheque, electronic transfer or standing order.

8. Accounts

Accounts The Accounts of the Organisation shall be kept by the Treasurer who shall present to the Committee each year a full and accurate report and statement of the finances of the Organisation. Copies of the Accounts will be available for inspection by members of the Organisation on request.

​The Organisation shall not be run for profit. However in the event of there being a surplus of funds (such amount to be agreed by the Committee) then donations are made to any Charitable Organisation deemed appropriate by the Committee. In the event of the Organisation ceasing to exist then any surplus funds shall be donated to any Charitable Organisation deemed appropriate by the Committee.

Refunds to members for cancellation of event bookings shall be at the discretion of the Organisation.

9. General Meetings

There will be an Annual General Meeting, normally held in November. Other General Meetings of the Organisation shall be summoned by the Secretary if required to do so by a written request signed by not fewer than 25 members. The Secretary shall notify all members of the date, time and place of such General Meeting, giving not less than 10 days notice of the meeting. All members attending shall be entitled to cast one vote on every question put to the vote. In the case of equality of voting the Chairman (or in his absence his deputy, who shall be a member of the Committee) shall have a second or casting vote.

10. Alteration of Rules

These rules or any of them may be added to, amended or replaced by a resolution of two thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting of the Organisation called for this purpose.

This constitution was unanimously approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Property People’s Network held on Wednesday 21st November 2012.